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Aberg Guitars is the result of a lifelong love for music and instruments. Johan Åberg grew up in Gävle, Sweden, started playing bass and guitar in bands in his early teens – and as a true engineer also found a fascination not only for the music itself, but to improve the equipment from a technical perspective. The first instrument he designed and built was a neck-through bass, at the age of 16.

During the years, like for most teens, life happened and playing in bands took the back seat while though, upgrading and optimizing his own and friends equipment stayed. But something was missing. Even though there has been a great number of excellent guitars built over the years in the world, the need to leave his own mark was a constant thought in the back of his head.   

Designer, Engineer and Musician in a perfect combination.

Over 20 years of working as an engineer, graphic designer, production and R&D manager within the manufacturing industry put down a good understanding of the technical aspect of product design. Combine that with 10 years of competing in the motorcycle discipline Roadracing, where a millimeter adjustment on the motorcycle makes the difference between the confidence to go for the win, or not even able to fight.

While making his way to the highest national league, it was clear that Johan mastered the analyzing aspect as well. All this would prove to be a very unique combination of knowledge for a guitar designer – and Aberg Guitars made its way to official launch.

The concept had matured for several years and the vision was clear; to design and build timeless, high-quality instruments that will feel at home in any situation. To inspire the player is just as important in the living room as it is on a stage or in a studio. The feeling when an instrument brings us to the next level is truly amazing. You know the feeling.

This is the mission; to build instruments that will inspire and make you feel amazing.

Welcome to Aberg Guitars,
Johan Åberg, Stockholm 2019